Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

CBU (Application)

CBU checks your (older) CPU for several features and measures its speed. It will also try to get some information about your processor.

The feature list in the under section will show some features wich are avaiable on your machine. Some features will also be checked. I have some checks, where I do not know if they work right so please remind that if you see a failed check!

If your processor is detected, it will display this info in the top bar.

BEWARE: Intel chips will be detected until 2009, all other (AMD!!) will be detected right until 2005-chipsets. Before I updated the CPU list, my Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile was detected as Intel Pentium III, so be carefull if you do not have an Intel CPU. I updated the Intel list in Feb.2009.

The list is very undetailed in some points, but i did not want to check 1000 things to detect the REAL cpu..(You can get information like: "(Intel) Pentium III / Celeron / Xeon (0.18um)" - wich does not tell you much - or information like "(Intel) 486DX/2 66/90" wich tells you much more in my opinion. Optional architectures are enclosed in [brackets] like "(Intel) Pentium III [M]", wich is EVENTUALLY a mobile processor.

The source code is included.

Please send your changes to me by making a comment to this post. I would like to have a complete list.

Download: (182kb)

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