Samstag, 19. März 2011

KENNiG (Game)

Target of the game is to eliminate all of the opponents dice or his king. In single-player mode, you have to shoot all targets in given turns.

Every player has 1-10 dice, wich can be moved by tilting them to another field. The eye count wich is on the upper side of the dice at begin of the turn, shows how far the dice must move. Once the dice has finished moving, it will shoot from the side where the eyecount is one. Not only dice but also playfield blocks can be destroyed in this way.

Dice can tilt over edges by a rotation of 180 degrees. (normal tilt is 90 degrees)

There is a built in level editor, with wich you can create your own level files. To create the campaigns, an external tool was used.

The game also supports 3d mice from 3dconnexion.

You can download the installer for win32 systems. You can also download the german manual, wich is not included in the installation files.

I am afraid, the KenTool is no longer available to the public.
You can get it if you contact me by writing a comment to this post.

(The last screenshot is a KenTool-screen...)

This was my last project at the Games Academy and it got 200 from 200 points.

Youtube: Watch movie

   KENNiG_Setup.exe (8.1Mb)
   KENNiG_Manual.pdf (128kb)

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