Freitag, 18. März 2011

Mechwars (Game)

Mechwars is a chess like game written in QuickBasic. Target of the game is to destroy all of the opponents "Mechs". Every mech can be upgraded with much thingy-things, like new weapons, jetpacks, shields and whatsoever. I am afraid, the playfield is to big and you dont have much credits at begin. Because it is very technical, the game itself is like..boring. But you can cheat up your money by ending turns without doing anything. And you can save and load your game. There also is an upgrade-file where you can edit all upgrades (and set the price down, if you want.)...So you can eventually make it less boring than it is now.

It has a skill and break system - mechs wich are damaged, have malfunctions and experienced mechs will become better skills. In the points table you will see an actual ranking of your mechs.

The game is ONLY for two (2) players. It is controlled with a mouse.

A HTML-Help-File is included. I'm sorry, but the source code is broken.

You could need dosbox because it is an old DOS game.

Download: (688kb)

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