Samstag, 19. März 2011

QuasmoCopter (Game)

QuasmoCopter is a little Helicopter-race game to demonstrate some piece of hardware.

It was the first developed game by myself wich I was payed for. I made ALL stuff myself except the music. In QuasmoCopter you have to race against yourself (ghost) with one of three different steering modes: Pro, Semipro or Arcade.

Quasmocopter was developed to demonstrate a new piece of input-hardware. I had absolute freedom of choosing what game it will be and how it will appear.

All models, graphics, sounds and code were developed by myself, the music was created by a friend of mine.

The engine used was the GiANTS Engine ( wich is controlled over LUA and available for free or with license.

   quasmoInstaller.exe (13.7Mb)

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