Sonntag, 20. März 2011

TuXreen (Application)

TuXreen is the predecessor of winnetux. It is not really usefull because it's not locked in the taskbar.

This little application provides you with 4 desktops on your single screen.
It has 4 buttons. When you press one of these buttons, all visible windows will be hidden (and mostly they vanish from the taskbar, too) - and windows wich were hidden before will be shown, if they correspond to the button pressed.

I will call this function a screen. Every button is one screen.

To assign a window to a screen (button), you only have to press the button first, before you open the window/application. Please look at the screenshot manual.

The code is based on the smallwin code, that is because it is version 3+ and not 1. It also has an improved arrange button (| | |) wich aligns the windows vertically on a click and horizontally on a doubleclick on it. Look here for more information about the arrange functionality.

Known Bugs/Problems:
- Windows Explorer windows: If you open the SAME folder directly in another screen, it will not open a window but show the previously opened instance. It is NOT a copy.
- Mozilla Firefox: If the window has the focus, it will not hide.
- Fallout 3 crashes if TuXreen runs!!

Please report other bugs/problems or new source by commenting to this post.

Download: (144kb)

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