Samstag, 19. März 2011

viRULEnt (Game)

viRULEnt was my second project at the Games Academy in Berlin. Target was to create a mod for Half-Life 2, NeverWinter Nights or another moddable game.

That means, you will need Half-Life 2 to play this game.

The game has a Film Noir-like cyberpunk setting. The player is something like a detective and through the whole episode, there will be only two weapons: your cyborg-arm and a Magnum revolver. The mod has a dialogue system wich was not provided by the engine. It was created with C++ - not with the editor - and directly built into the engine.

There is an end-boss, but the episode is made to continue with a second episode. So, the ending is somewhat open..

You can also download the source code of the entities made for this mod.
There is a zip called, where all source, some test maps,
some models and a source documentation is included. This files are meant for learning purpose. The source documentation also explains how to get started, making a HL2-Mod.

More information on the viRULEnt website.

   viRULEnt_setup.exe (136Mb) - The mod installer. (6.3Mb) - Development files.

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