Montag, 5. September 2011

Android Clock

I present here my first Android App: A Clock

It shows an analog clock wich can be set to 24h format if desired.
I cannot upload it to android market because that will cost money and needs a credit card - wich I do not have.

You can install that app directly on your phone if you download it on the phone. Just click on the apk file download. Remember that you have the "Allow Third-Party Apps"-Option enabled on your phone.

Download it here:

Download APK File (The android File)

Download ZIP Archive with full source code.

You can install it from PC with ADB:
- install the android SDK with ADB (or ADB standalone if that is possible)
- on your phone, go to Settings->Application Settings->Developing and check the USB debugging checkbox.
- connect your phone to the computer via usb.
- on windows, press Start->Execute.., type "cmd" and press enter.
- in the console, go to the folder where the app is located and type:
"adb install android_Clock.apk"
- the file will be installed on the phone with the name "Clock".

ADB Help:

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