Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Android TetraMaster

I made a little clone of TetraMaster from Final Fantasy IX to play on Android phones.

- Target of the game is to flip as much cards to your color as possible.
- Every card has up to 8 arrows wich point to the adjancent cards to be flipped.
- If the opponents card has an arrow pointing to the attacking card, there will be a card battle.

You can collect cards and build your own decks in future versions. There will also be the possibility to level up your cards.

Here you can download the UltraLight Edition:

Download UL edition APK File (The android File)

Download UltraLight Edition ZIP Archive with full source code.

You can only use cards from level 0-10 in this edition and you cannot win cards. Its "just the game" and nothing else.

Also there is NO AI in the UltraLight edition, it chooses just the next card and playfield tile.

[Update 18.10.2011 - version 01beta]
The game has now a simple AI !!!

Have Fun!

Next Up:
- Win cards
- Collect cards
- build your own decks.

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