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MSDS Mothership Defense System

I made this application to experiment with several stuff. It's a java application.

It is based on my little and unfinished game framework BGE and shows a console where you can type several commands. That means, I can extend it for your needs. Every new version will be posted on THIS blog post, so check back after a while.

You need to click into the window once to get it activated!

This is a screenshot of the version "rainbowOne", one of the earliest versions:

This is a screenshot of the version "Borderland":
It now supports copying and pasting to/from the clipboard.
Also, you see here the IRC server connection window released with version "BlueBox".

Download it here:
MSDS.jar - executable jar file including sources.

Version Summary:

020-024 Passthru

There is now an info window with the actual server, channel and nick above the server window and a channel window with all open channels on the actual server below the server window.

Actual Channel - You can now type in your stuff without using /say anymore.

- /chan: switch the actual channel with this command. The channel numbers are listed in the channel window below the server and info windows.

016-019 Borderland

A "Copy Line" (mouse over a console line) or "Paste" (mouse over the console input) button will appear if you press the left mouse button. With that buttons, you can copy the selected line to the clipboard or paste text from the clipboard to the console input line.

The IRC functionality is now almost done. Just some more raw IRC text to catch and translate. But do not worry about that: the messages wich are not translated will be shown directly in gray.

015 Violetta

IRC: User and channel information is will be printed out in Magenta.

- /whois: Retrieves information about a given user. (Translated the IRC lines.)
- /list: Retrieves a channel list from the actual IRC server. (Translated the IRC lines.)

009-014 BlueBox

A little blue box shows up when you are connected to an IRC server. It shows all connected servers and their corresponding number and highlights the actual server. You can switch the server with the /server command.

Much improvements done for the IRC functionality.

- /server: You can now switch the servers on the IRC with this command. Just type the number of the server you want.

008 SlashNSlay

ALL commands have now a preceding slash. ( / ) - see below.
- /part: parts (leaves) a given channel.

003-007 relayOnMe

The application is now an almost fully functional IRC-client. If you do not find your IRC command, you can pass through the raw command text line with the "irc" command. So, if I forgot something, you can use it though.

You can listen (join) several channels at once. You can also listen on several SERVERS at once, BUT in the actual version you can only WRITE to the LAST server wich you connected to. (Every connect creates its own reading thread but only the last created connection instance is accessible.)

The "irc" command provides a set of sub-commands to control IRC:
"irc connect {server}" - connects to a server. (Actually on port 6667)
"irc defaultnick {nick}" - sets the default nick used to log on while connecting.
"irc quit" - Disconnects from the current server.

"irc something" - passes "something" directly to the IRC server if one is connected.

E.g: If you want to change the nick you could use: "/nick mynick" OR "irc NICK mynick"..

New Commands:
- irc command set: You can now connect to IRC servers and pass through raw text data with this command.
- say: Say something on a given IRC channel.
- /join: Joins a channel on the current IRC server. Same as "irc JOIN".
- /nick: Changes the nick on the current server or the default nick if no server is connected. Same as "irc NICK".

002 rainbowTwo

- rainbow sha1 - The rainbow table generator can now create tables with SHA-1 hashes.
(see 001 rainbowOne)

001 rainbowOne

- rainbow command set: Can generate rainbow tables with password and hash combination in a given file with a given start password and minimum and maximum password character size. Just type "rainbow" to get a list with all sub-commands.

This version can generate tables with MD5 hashes. This is the character set (in this order), wich will be used (encoding: ASCII, thats almost like UTF-8):

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 -°+"*%&/()=?'![]{}_.,:;$\<>§@#

000 Before rainbowOne

- myip: resolves the IP adress of your computer.
- iphost: resolves the IP/hostname of a given hostname/IP.
- cls: clears the console.
- font: set another console font.
- list: show all available console commands.

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