Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

3DMax: My First Character

Ok, its not the first one, its the second one. But I made my first years ago and so its like it actually IS the first one. I will post here all my progress step by step. You can download the 3dmax files and try to make it better if you wish.

If you make something with it please keep me informed with a comment. I do not even know how to texture it, so....

Thats an image of how it is now: (The feet are not the best, I need to do them better..)

So, first I made a setup. Thats putting two images on the scene to "draw" the character shape around it. Here is my setup file: setup.rar

I make ALL the stuff from ONE block. There is no extra "block" for the hands or feet.
To make it mirrowed, you just need to make a block, convert it to a mesh and add the "Symmetry" component.

Here is the torso with arms and legs but no head nor hands or feet.

This one is the same torso with (poorly made) hands.

And now with the (even poorlier made) feet (and hands).

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