Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Ownage of the Solar System

First, I accidentally deleted the 3D LED Clock post. Maybe I will do another one later.

Ok... I hereby claim the right to own the whole solar system (the solar system with the sun called "Sol" in it), especially the third planet of it.

I am the first one who claims that right so I MUST be heared, according to the right systems on the third planet.

I hereby own all planets, moons, asteroids and other objects in the given solar system.

Because I am the owner of all properties in the solar system, I will also get a part of income made with my properties.

Someone please put that into "law speech".

Addendum: Earth Law is not applicable on this, but this is applicable on earth law. What would be applicable here is somewhat like "Interstellar Law", but humanity needs to know about that first. Until then, this claim will (hopefully) be prooved according to Earth laws.

[EDIT, Feb. 2015]: Maritime (Earth) Law applies to ALL oceans (in the universe!). Every stellar object with an ocean on it is ruled by maritime law. That's why the (Earth) Moon has oceans on it even though there is no water.

If you are in court, when you must go to the dock (!, german: Anklagebank), you open that little door and LEAVE common law "area" and ENTER maritime law "area" (as freight!), so the judge/s can do with you what they want....

To prevent that, NEVER enter the dock area. Identify yourself as "human beeing" because that word is not defined in law (only "Person" wich CAN be a human beeing.) - what is not defined in law, does not exist in law - get it?

I hereby own the solar system under maritime law. It's private ground and I demand, that everyone can do on that ground what ever he wants as long as there is no harm done to anything or anyone.
(Except the anything must be gone for certain reasons, like old buildings and stuff.)

Every company has to pay......ah forget that, you're free from now on.

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