Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

My own Arcade Stick

Somewhen 2012 i built this arcade stick:

It's built into a tabac box. On the front you read "Hecho a Mano" (made by hand) and "Plejades". If you build one yourself, you need to look for the depth of the case. The joystick just fitted in.  It connects to a PC/XBox or PS3 with an USB cable.

Here is a pic of the interior:

The controller is called "Dual Strike v3" and there you only need to plug in the cables from the buttons/joystick and then it is ready to go. To install it on a PC, you need to press the Startbutton while plugging it in to USB. To install it on an XBox or PS3 it must ~only~ be plugged in. Very comfortable.

All parts were ordered here:

I ordered this parts:
1x Dual Strike v3:
1x Joystick:
1x Start Button:
4x Button, each another color (Seimitsu PS-14-D):ün_708.html

What do you need also?
+ A Box where that stuff takes place. For the buttons, the top cover must be between 1.5mm to 3mm thick.
+ Some wires, a soldering iron and some solder.
+ A drill with wich you can drill some holes for the buttons. (~2.4cm diameter)
+ 4 screws and screw-nuts for the joystick.

It's a very easy project but it generates much fun in the end in combination with MAME. ;) 

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