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RetroStick: My own Game Console.

I ever wanted to build my own MAME console.
The Arcade Stick and this post and this stuff were just the beginning.



My idea is to build a console (Rasperry Pi) wich has an Arcade Stick on the top and an SNES- and a PSOne- controller plug on the front.

[Design will follow...]

I ordered a Raspberry Pi, Model B ( to use with MAME and other emulators. The Raspberry is an integrated development platform like the Arduino but muuuuuch more powerful. It has a 700MHz ARM CPU wich can be overclocked up to 1 GHz. Model B has 512MB RAM, 2 USB ports, an SDCard slot for the system-card (instead of a HD), a network port, one HDMI port and some more stuff on it and is a little bigger than a credit card. And it's cheap, only about 60CHF.

First I installed PIMAME, but there is a better OS out there, named RetroPie.
If you want to install PIMAME, look below this instructions.
You will find RetroPie here:

Burn it on an SD-Card with WinDiskImager (

This is the setup for PIMAME:

Luckily, there is an image out there, where all emulators are [MAME is] installed, you will find it here:

Burn it on an SD-Card with WinDiskImager (

To copy roms onto the system, stick the the SDcard and an USB stick (with roms on it) into the Raspberry and power it up. Select the last entry and press enter to return to the console.

On first startup, you must set up some stuff like get some disk space back: enter the Raspberry config menu with sudo raspi-config

There are some options selectable. Select Resize disk to original size, press enter and then leave the config menu. It asks for you to reboot. Select Yes. (Do not reboot by plugging out the power, that does not count.)
You can get the actual disk size with df -h wich means "DiskFree" and "get in Kb/Mb/Gb" for -h.

(Maybe you need to make a directory for the usb-stick mkdir /media/myusbstick)

Mount the USB stick with mount /dev/sda1 /media/myusbstick

Copy the files into the roms dir (wich is on /home/pi/roms)
cp /media/myusbstick/

Could not bring my arcade stick to work. But the PS2 Controller.

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