Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Tetra Master Light

After TetraMaster Ultralight now here is the Light edition.

It is the full edition except there will be an online function - but I do not believe in that. I was to lazy to change the name again because changing a projects name is something more or less complicated in eclipse.

It comes now with a card list, where all your won cards are stored.
You can use this cards in further play and build your own deck.

Have Fun!

Here is the apk file:

No data will be transmitted by this app. It does not use any of your contact- or other data on the phone. It saves the card list on the intern memory. There is no need of internet for this game.


  1. Simple & Fast. Great!
    May I suggest better options at managing own cards: the options to rearrange the cards in any order....
    Thank You!

  2. Thanks. You can push the cards to the front and the front cards are the "Orange Deck". To get better cards, you must push your best cards to the front and so it arranges quite good in my opinion. Maybe there will be an update but it's not planned now.