Sonntag, 28. September 2014

XBox360: Make Destiny run with D-Link-Router

Ok, first I followed this tutorial:

But I did not find out the DNS-adresses of my ISP.

I gave up and made an automatic connection on the XBox - and then, there popped up some DNS adresses.

I wrote them down and then made a manual connection with the given DNS adresses.

Destiny ran for a few seconds longer now. ;)

You need to make your NAT open for the XBox360.

With a D-LINK-Router, this is done like that:

1. Login to your router.
2. Go to DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
3. Enable DMZ
4. Set the IP of the DMZ host to your XBox-IP.

Restart your router and modem.

Since then, it runs properly.

If you cannot get the DNS-adresses, use the ones from google: and

Hope that helps.

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