Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

New Blog:

It's a mess here since Wuala is "closed" for me.
Not to say that there was no mess before, but now it's absolutely chaotic here. All downloads are gone, if they were not gone before (just checked one on a really old post...that download link was expired for years..)

So I decided to open a new blog.

All files will be uploaded to OneDrive and my home server. So, there will ever be a copy no matter if my server crashes or on the other side OneDrive "closes". Except for if both happens at the same time.

Also, every download will be explicitly linked on a special download page. If you search something, you don't have to search the whole blog for "that one" download.

Plus there is a sitemap wich links to the most important (or entry-)posts. Maybe more later.

Please be patient while I do the new layout and search for my downloads and stuff.

I decided to add ONE adsense Ad at the BOTTOM of the blog (here on the bottom of a blog entry). Please click this ad if you want to give me some credit. It would be awesome if I would make a dollar *out of the internet*. ;) Thanks.

Thanks to all of you for copying my code...ehr...reading my blog. That means something to me, I never thought more than 100 people would read that's 25025 now. Nice Number. ThanksALot.

I know, It's not much for the internet, but in Switzerland it's a middle-big city, so....

Again: GOTO 100 ->
And here's my homeserver:

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